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Our services

Preparation of project documentation necessary to obtain a permit to set up a radio station, of technical solution, calculation of electromagnetic field, calculation of antenna diagram's emission, calculation of the largest permitted EMP in the area of special sensitiveness.

Delivery, servicing and setup of UKV FM transmitters (dipol, Yagi, double dipole, four dipole).

Delivery, servicing and setup of VHF and UHF TV transmitters and antenna systems (VHF double dipole, UHF four dipole).

Delivery, servicing and setup of modulation transfer device (studio transmitter STL-links 2-14 GHz), parabolic antennas.

Coaxial cables and coaxial lines RG 58/U, RG 213/U LDF 4/50 1" Andrew, LDF 5/50 7/8" Andrew, 1 5/8", 3 1/8", 4 1/5"  or  RFS

Coaxial connections BNC, N, 7/16, 7/8" EIA, 1 5/8" EIA, 3 1/8", 4 1", 6 1/8" etc.

Delivery, servicing and setup of PMR VHF-UHF systems in the area of 4m, 2m, 0,7m. Motorola equipment, Kathrein, Procom, Sigma antenna systems.

Delivery of electronic components: Philips RF transistors, Eimac and Thales electronic tubes, Papst fans, Austerlitz coolers, etc.


FM/UKV Transmitters

Parabolic antennas. Geritel Italy, Andrew, RFS

Filters (Cavity) : Aldena, Delta Meccanica, Elti

Coaxial cables: Andrew, RFS